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wCyber Protection Solution

Solution for Influencers, managers and people of public relevance to monitor and protect your data, your accounts and your online reputation.

  • Detect any exposure, on the Internet or the Dark Web, of your passwords or your personal data.

  • Protect your social networks so you don't put your advertising revenue at risk.

  • View and analyze on a single platform all your existing information on the Internet, Dark Web, forums, social networks,...

Your data, your accounts and your online reputation are increasingly subjected to greater risks.

More than 24 billion passwords are exposed annually on the Dark Web.

We detect your password exposures and notify you so you can take action (or take action for you).

In a single day, more than 250 million Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts are exposed on the Dark Web.

We monitor and protect your social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok...) even if they are exposed on the Dark or Deep Web.

Reports of theft and identity theft grow more than 100% annually.

We alert you to possible profiles, potentially false, that may be trying to impersonate your identity, either on the same or another social network.

Cybercrime grows more than 600% per year and requested ransoms double every 6 months.

We detect the exposure of personal data (telephone, postal address...) to take measures and avoid being a victim of extortion.

Don't wait until you have a problem to protect yourself. We offer you a comprehensive solution that will allow you to minimize the risks of your exposure to the Internet.

wCyber Protection Solution

Online platform for the search, detection and management of risks and information.

  • Platform with web access to facilitate access from anywhere.

  • It automates the detection and treatment of huge volumes of information and threats.

  • Platform in continuous evolution to provide improvements and new functionalities.

  • It facilitates the visualization and analysis of high volumes of information.

Monitoring and support for the analysis and management of your threats.

  • Platform customization.

  • Presentation of periodic reports.

  • Processing of forgetting information in networks and internet providers.

  • On-demand investigation of certain threats.

  • Specific recommendations to minimize certain detected threats.

  • Direct execution to minimize certain detected threats.

Support and legal advice with lawyers specialized in cybercrime.

  • Attention and resolution of specific legal queries by email / phone.

  • Presentation of a claim for violation of rights before the Data Protection Agency.

  • Act of conciliation for the initiation of judicial processes.

  • Any lawsuit or legal action to be agreed and prior assessment of the legal team.

We protect you with the technology used by large companies

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