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IT Infrastructure Solutions
for your Data Center

Cover all your data center needs with the largest range of solutions on the market

Dell Gold Partner
  • Have comprehensive leading solutions in all segments.

  • Enjoy comprehensive support throughout your IT infrastructure.

  • We support you all the way through the adoption of any new solution.

  • Implement solutions that allow you to stay up-to-date with the needs of your company.

  • Combine on-premises and cloud solutions with a single provider and support.




Cover all your needs with networking solutions from Dell EMC.

Explore and take advantage of SD-WAN solutions, switching solutions for data centers, and campus solutions including your wireless networks.

Invest in validated, tested, and preconfigured infrastructure solutions for SAP. So you can keep up with the growth of your environments and can provide the performance, agility and protection that your mission-critical environments require.

Cover, with a single comprehensive solution, the protection and high availability of data to ensure the continuous operation of your SAP. 



Enjoy the best solutions to execute your applications at any scale and adapt to any environment with the range of tower, rack and modular servers from Dell EMC.

Their scalability, automation, and low-level security make them second to none.

Invest in solutions designed to empower Oracle databases in today's businesses and handle large amounts of business-critical data and valuable information.

If you have Microsoft SQL Server, you can count on solutions designed to deliver superior performance, significant cost savings, and future-ready scalability.

Soluciones de Almacenamiento


Respond to any request you have with your data storage: from primary storage to unstructured data (files or objects); for any workload via HDD, SSD or mixed configurations;  for physical or virtualized environments.

Invest in solutions designed and validated to simplify the implementation of big data projects.


In this way, you will be able to reduce costs and guarantee the return on investment, offering better performance and scalability to your data analysis platforms at all times.

Embrace massive data processing in real time thanks to the right solutions.

Protección de Datos


Protect, archive and recover your data on-premises and in the cloud with Dell EMC data protection and backup software and appliances. Ensure availability, no matter where your data resides, with cost-effective data management and protection solutions.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure delivers desktop transformation, empowering users without compromising security or the end-user experience, and streamlines IT resources and management.

With virus and malware resistant thin clients, you'll improve your security by centrally storing intellectual property, data, and applications in your data center.



Simplify and modernize your IT with a single platform that integrates compute, networking, storage, and data protection.


Get to production faster and scale easily with a system that is design-validated and ready-to-use.

Deploy machine learning in an optimized stack based on the power of Dell EMC's tried and tested solutions for AI with Hadoop.

Additionally, those ready for GPU-accelerated parallel processing will be able to take advantage of deep learning with nVIDIA design to move rapidly toward AI.



Modernize your IT with HCI appliances, rack-scale systems, Ready Node solutions, and solutions co-engineered with VMware. Process complex workloads with ease and agility.

Scale as the business expands and operate efficiently.

- Research systems, including weather and climate modelling, geosciences, oil and gas.

- Systems for workloads such as genomics, proteomics, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics or cryoelectron microscopy.

- Systems for structural analysis, such as computational fluid dynamics, noise/vibration and electromagnetics.

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